Drywall Lite Bead [Supply]

$29.50 CAD

The ultra-minimal drywall supply vent, equipped with a light-weight ABS plastic drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the surface. Install is best done by a PRO.

Make sure you have the right size: SIZING TOOL

 100% Manufactured in Canada

*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.
Wall, Ceiling
  • Must be installed at drywalling stage. Requires professional installation.
  • Use only on drywall surfaces.
  • Paint to customize. Recommend using primer.
  • Air Flow - No air flow control - vent remains open at all times. Optional Lite Damper sold separately to add air flow control - must be added on before installing into drywall..
  • Easy Cleaning - Pop out inner plate for easy duct cleaning.

What material can this be used with?
This vent is specifically for drywall / gypsum wall and ceiling surfaces.

Can I paint it?
Yes! The frame and plate are specifically designed to be painted or wall-papered to match your walls. Use of primer recommended.

My drywall is already installed, can I use this?
Yes, absolutely! Drywall mud and sanding is required. 

What's the difference between the Drywall Lite Frame and the Drywall Lite Bead models?
The Drywall Lite Frame has a framed rim that sits on top of the wall surface. The top mount frame will remain visible. The Bead is a flush mount model that is mudded and contours into your wall surface. 

What's the difference between the Drywall Lite Bead and the Drywall Pro?
The Drywall Lite Bead is made made in ABS plastic and does not allow air flow control. The Drywall Pro is made in solid steel and has air flow control dampers. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Great product

Worth the extra cost to purchase and install

joel dubey
Great idea and great product

Works just like advertised. Very seamless and clean looking

Robin Jones
Simple to Install!

totally worth the seamless look!

Thomas Jaroch
Drywall vent

Very good product that is super easy to install.

Megan Shadix
Best looking vents you can buy

If you want a seamless, clean, modern look, you won’t find a better line of vents anywhere. The quality is also very high. My only complaint is the dampers. I would like to have more control over the airflow through specific vents and returns in my house. Aria does offer dampers, but they are foldable metal tabs that do not completely shut off the flow, nor would I recommend repeated opening and closing. That said, if you have a properly designed hvac system, you’d probably be okay leaving everything open all the time