We make seriously beautiful air vents

We invented the first modular air vent that can be used anywhere with literally any material. Designed with DIY and industry pros in mind, we strive to invent high quality products that complement design and function.

Founded in September 2016, Aria Vent Inc. is owned and operated by a father (Paolo) and daughter (Roberta) duo, who share a passion for innovative, thoughtful design.

The idea began after Paolo noticed that there had been many advancements in construction design, but one mechanical component had been left behind.

"For me, inventing is chasing the unknown. Failure is an absolutely necessary (and exciting) part of the process β€”Β it means I'm getting closer."

– Paolo, Inventor of Aria Vent

The air register, found in every room of a home, had not evolved with modular, minimalist design trends. As a lifelong inventor, Paolo was up for the challenge. After over 100 failed designs, a short-lived air vent/humidifier idea and aluminum foil prototypes, Aria Vent was born.

Our patented products are the first and only modular air register system that can be adapted to any surface. They're a stylish alternative to traditional (some might say "ugly") grille vents. Our mission is to create thoughtful, innovative design products that are beautiful, functional and badass.

Proudly manufactured in Canada