Lite Damper [3-pack]

$63 CAD

An add-on damper to control air flow on your favourite Aria Lite vent models. Pull and push damper wings to maximize and restrict air flow. Simple clip-on install. 

Compatible with Aria LiteDrywall Lite BeadDrywall Lite Frame. Vents not included.

 100% Manufactured in Canada

Wall, Ceiling
  • Add air flow control 
  • Compatible with Aria LiteDrywall Lite BeadDrywall Lite Frame.
  • Built to withstand occasional bending. Constant bending back and forth may cause damper tab to snap.
  • WARNING - Once clipped onto a vent, the damper cannot be removed.
  • No tools required! Snap-on installation.
  • Material - Steel

Detailed Dimensions
Install Guide
Install Video

Which models can this be used with?
Aria LiteDrywall Lite Bead, Drywall Lite Frame.

Can I mount this after I install my vent?
It depends on the vent. For the Aria Lite and Drywall Lite Frame, you can remove the vent from the duct, and clip on at any time. For the Drywall Lite Bead, the damper must be clipped on before installing the vent into the wall. 

Can I remove this once I've mounted it to my vent?
No. Once this is clipped onto the vent, the damper cannot be removed.

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